Spyder Rental FAQs

What do I need to rent a Spyder from Spyder-Rentals.com?

In order to rent a Spyder you need the following:

  • A valid Driver’s license for the State of California. All other states besides require a motorcycle license endorsement.
  • At least 25 years of age
  • Passengers need to be 16 years or older
  • Authorize a damage deposit of $2500 on a major credit card
  • Insurance

I’m a first-time renter, what do I need to know?

  • You will need to take a short training course before riding
  • You will need to show proficiency with operating the Spyder before you can leave
  • You will not need to re-take the course if you rent with us again

Do you offer delivery of the Spyders?

Yes, delivery is available in select locations. There is a $40 hook up fee each way and $3.50 per mile from the point of delivery to your location.

What if it rains?

Spyder-Rentals.com will offer one free re-schedule for another date.

Do I need a helmet or other gear?

We can provide appropriate riding gear which consists of: Helmets, Jackets and Gloves for a small fee. It is advised to wear closed toe shoes or boots and dress in layers.

Where can I ride?

Spyder-Rentals.com can provide some local maps for recommended rides.
Remember: Riding off-road, gravel roads, beach roads are not allowed.

Is the Spyder safer than a 2-wheeled motorcycle?

The Spyder roadster is small and maneuverable. Maneuverability can help avoid crashes. However, smaller vehicles are harder to see, which increases the chance that other motorists will cause a crash. In some situations, the Spyder roadster is less likely to be in a crash than a motorcycle. For example, you are less likely to tip over at low speeds while operating the vehicle. However, in other situations, the vehicle is more likely to be in a crash. For example, because the vehicle is wider, it will not fit through as small an opening as many motorcycles

Please Note:  Spyder-Rentals.com reserves the right to refuse service to any customer that we deem an unsafe candidate to rent the Spyder. If at any time Spyder-Rentals.com considers that allowing the renter to continue renting may endanger the rider in any way, (for example if a basic skill level is not met or riding in an unsafe manner) the renter will not be allow to rent a Spyder.

Does the Spyder sit one or two people?

Our Spyders comfortably sit 2 with a weight limit of 441lb., vehicle load limit includes operator, passenger, cargo and added accessories.

Front storage compartment can hold 35lb.

No motorcycle license (M1) required for a Spyder in the state of California. You only need a Class C driver’s license. 

All of our packages include an hour of training time for your first trip. Any following trips will not require training, as long as all individuals driving have completed the 1 hour certified training course with a Spyder-Rentals.com representative. Come enjoy an amazing experience that you will never forget!! The CAN AM Spyder combines a unique Y-architecture (with 2 wheels in front and one in back) with anti-lock brakes, traction control, power steering, an advanced Vehicle Stability System, and a 5-speed 990 V-Twin engine, making the riding experience not only safe but one of the most exciting!