About Spyder Rentals

Company Profile

Spyder-rentals.com was founded in December 2007 for a very simple reason: We searched for a place on the world wide web to rent a Spyder in the entire United States and Canada but did not find any! The owner of Spyder-Rentals.com was also interested in riding motorcycles but did not have a motorcycle license at the time. The Can Am Spyder was the perfect vehicle since no motorcycle license is required in California.

Spyder-Rentals.com was the first Spyder Rental company of its kind that focused exclusively on Spyders. Many imitators have tried to copy our business model but some have went out of business already. With limited production of the Can-Am Spyders in year 2008, there were long waiting lists to buy one at local dealerships. Now they are readily available for purchase and we are able to refer you to local dealerships in the area where your rental of the Spyder can be put toward the purchase price on the Can Am Spyder (which we’ll also help you get a deal on!) It really is a win win situation!

Spyder-Rentals.com wanted other Can Am Spyder enthusiasts to enjoy this piece of artwork / machinery as well enjoy the attention that it receives on a daily basis for being exotic and unique. It’s also a great way to decide if purchasing one is right for you by driving one around.

…and so Spyder-Rentals.com was born.

Spyder-Rentals.com prides itself in providing the ultimate Can Am Spyder driving experience. We provide a highly professional, seamless rental experience without any nickel and diming of the customer. Unlimited mileage on full-priced rentals, free training (up to 90 minutes), delivery available of the Can Am Spyder from a certain delivery radius, and friendly, professional service is just how we separate ourselves from other exotic rental companies. However, we are very unique and we were one of the first and only Can Am Spyder rental companies in the United States when we started in December 2007. There have been other imitators out there copying us (imitation can be the best flattery) but we have been around from the start. We will do our best to downright impress you and exceed your expectations. Just read our testimonials!

Our passion is driving, pure and simple. The speed. The power. The adrenaline. The attention. That’s why our mission is to bring you the most exotic-looking, exciting, atv/motorcycle hybrid roadster to the public. These machines are very hard to find. It’s time to stop dreaming and to start driving!